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Our Purpose

Our mission at Blue Spring Chiropractic is to help as many people as we can with safe, natural, drug-free chiropractic care.  We feel it is important to make the community aware of the benefits of a healthy and natural lifestyle. We view you as a whole person and not just the sum of your parts. You have the right to natural health care, away from unnecessary medications and surgeries.

The doctors at Blue Spring Chiropractic are very active in the community doing weekly volunteer work and attending many different community events. They actively continue their education so they can provide up to date and effective treatments.


  • Very friendly environment with amazing staff. Very modern technology and interior designing makes the experience so much better! I went in because of back pains due to a car accident and am on my way to a full recovery! Thank you Dr. Baek and staff!

    Angela Joung
  • After my car accident, I knew something wasn’t right. Luckily, my coworker suggested I make an appointment with Blue Spring to get checked out since she’s had a good experience with them previously.

    I was able to go in the same day I called. I went in, filled out a few pages of paperwork which included the standard questions and then a couple pages about my accident. I met with Dr. Baek and he went over my paperwork, my accident and possible lawyers, and my concerns.

    He then made a couple adjustments on me, gave me an ice pack, then I was scheduled to come the next day. I came in the next day for a bunch of xrays and another adjustment. The next day, we went over my xrays, areas of the spine causing concern, and how we’re going to resolve the issue.

    I was so freaked out by the results of my xrays! However, Dr. Baek said he’s fairy confident that he can fix me!!! I didn’t realize how important chiropractic maintenance is, but I’m a believer now.

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Baek, Dr. Kim, and their awesome awesome assistants and massage therapists for over a month and my body is feeling so good! AND they’ve been extremely kind and flexible with my ever changing schedule! I give them a ball park when I’m planning to come, but walk-ins are always welcomed and if something comes up, I can call or text them!

    I highly recommend this place =]

    Monica Seth
  • I was in an auto-accident about a month ago. After a few days I was incredibly sore in my back and neck. I was referred to this office and have had an incredibly positive experience. They staff is very friendly and down-to-earth. The doctors don’t talk over your head and explain things with various visual aids and real-life examples of events and effects. They implement a variety of techniques and devices to aid your recovery. It’s only been a few weeks and I already have a much better range of motion in my neck. The masseuse is very talented at finding knots and kinks I didn’t even realize were there and working them out.
    Even more importantly for many – they have an amiable range of office hours that will work for the average 9-5’er. They are open later during the week and even have Sat hours. Words can not express how useful that is.
    I would definitely recommend this office.

    Joshua Smith

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